Unless otherwise credited, most all of our great photos have been provided by Sonny and Betty Saunders.
Both Sonny and Betty are the Co-founders of the The Digital Photography & Imaging Club of Naples Special Interest Group.

Photo Albums

Waterfront Floral Pictures (1 photos)
Waterfront Floral Pictures Preview Image Various flowering plants located within The Waterfront
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Waterfront Wildlife (4 photos)
Waterfront Wildlife Preview Image A wide variety of animals are ever present at The Waterfront. Its Florida!
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Picture Post (2 photos)
Picture Post Preview Image Share your favorite Waterfront Photos.
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Naples Municipal Airport (APF) (5 photos)
Naples Municipal Airport (APF) Preview Image One of the best little airports in the United States sits right across the street. From time to time, the airport host fly-ins and commorative events. One of the benefits of being so close is to see famous people and airplanes flying in and out. We're starting an album of famous planes and people.
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St. Pat's Pot Luck Dinner 2014 (12 photos)
St. Pat's Pot Luck Dinner 2014 Preview Image Photos from Alan's iPhone.
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Bromeliads in Bloom, July 2014 (2 photos)
Bromeliads in Bloom, July 2014 Preview Image This species of beautiful bromeliad only blooms in July.
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New Pictures March 2015 (11 photos)
New Pictures March 2015 Preview Image An assortment of updated photographs, some showing the new and improved railing systems.
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